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 We awarded $5000 in Scholarships in 2016.  The  recipents were

  Laura Jayne Powers from Coral Shores

Amanda Bruland,  Seth Landry

and Alaina McCarthy from Marathon

Hannah Brown and Kayla Disdier

from Key West. 

We hope these students will follow 

 their dreams and make us proud in the years to come.



How Do We Raise

Scholarship Money ??? 

We sell cookbooks and have alogo no date.jpg‚Äč

Scholarship applications are available at all

Monroe County Public High Schools by

Febuary 1st of each calendar year


Check with your career counselor or

print a copy here.


Short Scholarship app.doc 2017.doc



Mail all applications to:


P.O. Box 501404

Marathon, FL 33050


Filing deadline for 2017 eligibility is:

April 3, 2017



In 2015 the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen's Association proudly awarded 9 scholarships for a total of $6000.00 from Key Largo to Key West


Our High School Graduate Recipents



Coral Shores High School


Sara Beeler     

Skylar DeMoss 

Carli Tejera       



Marathon High School


Savannah Rodamer  

Nelson Rojas Jr.       

Brandi Spalten         

marathon grad 2.JPG 


Key West High School

  Keristy Carter       

Morgan Denhart    

Anthony Henriquez 




 We started our scholarship program in 2006 and have given out a total of $64,000. so far. 


                               6/2014             Coral Shores                  Danica Navarrete                   Scholarship             

                                6/2014            Marathon                         Richard Turner Jr.                  Scholarship      

                                6/2014            Marathon                         Cody Dominicak                  Scholarship             

                                6/2014            Key West                         Amanda Henriquez                Scholarship          

                                6/2014          KW Collegiate Academy      Kaylee Moore                      Scholarship          

                     6/ 2013       Coral Shores             Catherine Guinovart                               Scholarship         

                     6/2013     Marathon               Ariel Jesus Rodriguez                                 Scholarship          

                     6/2013    Marathon                        Sean Roussin                                     Scholarship          

                    6/2013    Key West                         Kayla Geide                                        Scholarship          

                    6/2013     Key West                  William DeSantis Jr.                                  Scholarship                      

                    6/2012                Coral Shores                   Joshua Sands                        Scholarship         

                    6/2012             Coral Shores                      Cody Turek                            Scholarship                                           

                 6/2012                Marathon                       Joseph Gonzalez                      Scholarship         

                   6/2012              Marathon                       Alexander Morato                    Scholarship         

                     6/2012              Key West                       Noelle Gonzalez                     Scholarship          

                   6/2012                 Key West                   Zane James Osborn                    Scholarship                       

                       6/2011              Coral Shores                      Jessica Sentz                       Scholarship          

                     6/2011              Marathon                       Ariel Moore                               Scholarship          

                   6/2011              Marathon                       Shayna Halladay                      Scholarship       

                  6/2011             Key West                        Justin Martin                          Scholarship          

                    6/2011             Key West                        Julia Skulken                       Scholarship          

                     6/2/10       Marathon                   Megan McKenna                         Scholarship        

                 6/2/10     Marathon                               Luis Gonzalez                         Scholarship     

                   6/2/10       Marathon                        Dominic Arguez                             Scholarship          

                  6/2/10     Key West                             Julie Holroyd                                   Scholarship         

                    6/2/10      Key West                            Paige Spencer                              Scholarship          

                   6/2/10      Coral Shores                               Vyviana Sawley                     Scholarship          

                     6/2/10     Coral Shores                               Elizabeth Lopez                  Scholarship                     

                    5/20/09     Coral Shores                                Alec Davila                           Scholarship          

                    5/20/09  Key West High School                Ariana Bacle                             Scholarship          

                     5/20/09     Key West High School                Patricia Blanco                 Scholarship         

                   5/20/09     Marathon High School                 Vanessa Sardina                Scholarship         

                    5/20/09    Marathon High School                       Toby Eigner                     Scholarship         

                        6/2008   Key West                       Nicole Mongelli                              Scholarship            

                     6/9/08       Coral Shores                      Felicia Wile                                    Scholarship        

                    6/9/08        Coral Shores                    Michela Schildts                         Scholarship          

                   6/12/08  Marathon High School             Jessica Cordova                         Scholarship          

                   6/12/08    Marathon High School              Andrew Araque                        Scholarship

(  Sorry Names from 2006  and 2007 were not available.) 

Congratulations and Best Wishes

as you continue your education!!


Scholarship money is raised through our annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival and

 sales from our Cookbook,  "Ocean Flavors and More!"

(Check the side bar for these pages for more information on how you can help out.)