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 Florida Stone Crab Season

October 15th thru May 15th

  • Claws must must be a minimum of  2-3/4 inches in length,  measured by a straight line from the elbow to the tip of the lower immovable finger. 



     The whole crab is then released back into the water where it will regenerate a new claw.  To ensure this valuable resource is available for generations to come, take care when removing crab claws and follow all protective regulations for stone crab harvest (By appling steady pressure on the claws they will pop off with minimal injury to the crab).

     Claws may not be taken from egg-bearing stone crabs. Egg-bearing females are identifiable by the orange or brown egg mass, also known as a “sponge,” which is visible on the underside of the crab when it is picked up or turned over.  Regulations applicable to the harvest of stone crab are the same in state and federal  waters.

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